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Essentially Dr Mom started as a place for moms to feel included.
A place to find solutions to issues you don’t want to share on social media.
A place to find other moms just like you, who are struggling to help their kids with common (and not-so-common) challenges.
A place to turn when the people you know don’t understand your daily struggles.


Here are two paths to get connected:

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This space is for the Dr. Moms who are looking for solutions.
The mom who is tired of calling off from work a million times each winter.
The mom who is tired of her kids not sleeping at night.
The mom who needs a handle on her emotions, especially while doing homework with her kids.
The mom who wants to feel better so she can attempt even one of those pretty pins she posted last week.
The Dr. Mom who needs a solution.

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This space is for the Dr. Moms in the middle.
The mom who worries about her kids making healthy friendships.
The mom whose Google search history could put a doctor to shame.
The mom who fears parent/teacher conferences because she doesn’t know how to add one more therapy, tutor or painful homework session to their week.
The mom who has more days with worrying than nights with friends.
The Dr. Mom in the middle.

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Hi! I’m Jillian Pettit,
a graduate-trained, slightly crunchy, sort of sassy, extremely passionate mom who helps women navigate everyday parenting and natural health issues (no pit hair required).

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