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oil resources

Below are some resources I have found extremely helpful in my essential oil education and journey. My hope is you find these sources a great way to meet your needs and answer some of your questions.

Purchase essential oils

educational information

Modern Essentials by Modern Essentials

Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

Get scientific information on each oil, distillation processes and health concerns. A must have for new oil users!  Amazon It’s also an app! It’s like having the book in your pocket!  iTunes | Android

The Essential Life by LLC Total Wellness Publishing

The Essential Life

This is a great reference guide, and I love how it’s organized by body system! It really helps me understand the oils I can use. Amazon

doTERRA Daily Drop

dōTERRA Daily Drop App

Get daily videos to take your education slowly – or you can browse them all at once. iTunes | Google Play

helpful accessories

Items I LOVE to have on hand:

Glass Spray Bottles

glass roller bottles

I really can’t say enough good things about having roller bottles on hand, especially if you have kids at home! I have roller bottles filled with my favorite oils and carrier oils so I can easily and quickly apply oils to my kids’ feet without wasting precious oils on my hands. Amazon

Glass Spray Bottles

glass spray bottles

I have one spray bottle in the basement with water and peppermint oil that I spray around the windows to keep the spiders away (did you know that spiders HATE peppermint?). Other uses: sleep time spray bottle near the bed, natural air freshener spray bottle near the dog and bug repellent spray bottle near the porch. Amazon



I LOVE LOVE LOVE diffusing my essential oils! Amazon

Glass Jars

glass jars

You can definitely use baby food jars, but if you are out of that stage of life these jars come in handy. I use them for myself and for gifts! I add sugar scrubs, combine the doterra body lotion with EO’s I like to make a scented lotion, I even have some in the bathroom with my homemade toilet cleaner! So many great uses and because they are glass they are essential oil safe. Amazon


The two sites below are very similar. I generally use one or the other depending on the shipping rates of what I want to purchase. You can purchase the above accessories from these sites, or even Amazon.