Jillian, Essentially Dr. Mom

meet jillian

Hi! I’m Jillian.

If you would have asked me ten years ago what my life would look like now, you would have gotten a very different answer! I am the mom to two wonderful children, a wife to a dedicated husband, and the self-diagnosed health guru to my family and friends.

Both of my children were born extremely early – my daughter at 26 gestational weeks and my son at 25 gestational weeks. Both were under 2 pounds at birth and lived in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for quite some time. Our family has faced its share of medical challenges over the years – my daughter has mild Cerebral Palsy, and my son has been trach tube and ventilator dependent for the majority of his young life.

Health and wellness have been extremely important in our household, which is why I have fallen head over heels in LOVE with essential oils! While there are many areas in my life I cannot control, the ability to help my children and boost their immune systems has made me feel like a super Dr. Mom.

I would love to share my experiences with you and help you on your path to becoming a health advocate for your family as well. Contact me and let’s chat!