amazon autism favorites

These are some of my favorite Amazon products that I use with my autistic kids. They definitely aren’t all Autism specific, but they have been used often throughout the years and make our lives better.

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Feeding therapy tools


The Z-Vibe is one of Noah’s favorite home therapy tools. I love this set because it has so many tips and a carrying case. Noah’s current favorite tip is the textured bite and chew, but we’ve used all of them over the years.

Honey Bear

This Honey Bear is fabulous if your child is trying to learn how to drink from a straw. The bear is a little magical, it creates a bit of suction inside of it so your child doesn’t have to try too hard .

Scoop Bowl

This bowl has been super helpful for Noah to self-feed successfully. The side lets him scoop the food without it tumbling over the edge. Hint: this is also great for toddler who are eager to be independent!

Random stuff we love

UV Light Welder

Your child’s favorite toy is going to break at some point. If they are obsessed with specific toys like mine are, you are going to want to fix the toys. We’ve tried everything and this works the best for plastic toys!


This one is perfect for your tech-loving kid. We set this up at the dentist so Noah’s favorite shows play on the ceiling. You’ll need a “stick device” to stream a service (Netflix, Disney+, etc.), but it’s worth it!

Auto Brush

Teeth brushing has been a HUGE fight for years, especially getting those back teeth. This thing is a miracle worker! It took him a few tries to get the bite right, but he likes it and uses it willingly.