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Already know what you need?

I dove head first into a Healthy Start Kit (my personal favorite) and never looked back! I would suggest starting with an enrollment kit, as it will generally be the most economical and contains popular items. If you aren’t a fly the by the seat of your pants kinda person with the impulse to buy now (like me, sorry Mom!), let’s think through your choices.

personalized packages

Chloe’s emotional support + sleep package

If you or your child sound a lot like my daughter, Chloe, her personalized package might be right for you! Chloe’s kit includes items she uses daily for physical and emotional calming, sleep support, happiness, and pain relief. She actively asks for these items and thinks all kids like her should have them in their home. She’s so sweet!

Mama’s need support, too package

I often overlook myself in an attempt to care for my family. Getting worn out, emotionally and physically, doesn’t serve anyone – I’ve learned that using a few products of my own, especially the diffuser, is an important part of caring for my family. If I remind you of yourself, my “mama’s need support, too” package might be right for you.

help me pick some oils

If you need some recommendations or aren’t sure where to start, I can help!


  • What are your primary reasons for using essential oils?
  • Will you be using the oils on only yourself or a family?
  • Will you be incorporating the oils into a Spa or Business?
  • Would you like to use your oils to help others and earn money at the same time?

health concerns

Depending on what you and your family consider health concerns, you may have a few concerns or many. In my house, the major concerns have always been respiratory support and challenged immune systems. After seeing the amazing results I had with my children (my son has a Pulse Oximeter machine and I could literally SEE the results), I began using the oils more frequently in other areas of my life.


  • The Healthy Start Kit is the most well-rounded and economical of the enrollment kits. At $160, it includes your enrollment fee, access to the BEST discounts possible, monthly free product opportunities and the 10 most commonly used essential oils (intro sizes) AND a 10-hour diffuser.
  • The Introductory Kit includes 3 commonly used essential oils. At $26.67 (cheaper than dinner for two!), you can see what the oils are all about without breaking the bank.

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I’ll be honest, when I first started with essential oils I was skeptical, but I was desperate to find something to keep my family healthy. Little did I know, I was beginning a journey that would bring my family health, but also bring me a sense of control over a seemingly uncontrollable situation.